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Where creativity meets community.

Visit the Art Shotz website for an update on where I am teaching.


Ahhhh art.... A powerful tool to bring people together, spark emotion and share stories. A universal language to connect and inspire...and yet when it comes to creating and incorporating art into our daily lives, it can be easy to write ourselves off as "not artistic" or to believe art is something reserved for other people.

Whether it's creating a messy collage out of old magazines or drinking your morning coffee from a mug made by a local potter, engaging with your creative side and your creative community really can be easy, fun and joyful!!

I love sharing my creative journey with others by teaching art workshops and sharing my love for curiosity, process and technique through my work.

As an Experimental Artist I am a champion of creative arts of all genres.  I am the author of  ‘Bottle Art’ and ‘Stash and Smash:Art Journal Ideas’, both books use rescued and recycled materials to create fun art and craft projects.


As a Certified Zentangle Teacher I co-authored ‘The Beauty of Zentangle’ and ‘Zentangle 12’.  My  Zentangle art has been featured in numerous publications.


I began my creative journey as a jewelry maker and designer and earned my Graduate Gemology degree from the Gemological Institute of America.  

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