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Where creativity meets community.

Ahhhh art. A powerful tool to bring people together, spark emotion and share stories. A universal language to connect and inspire...and yet when it comes to creating and incorporating art into our daily lives, it can be easy to write ourselves off as "not artistic" or to believe art is something reserved for other people.

Good thing you've come to the place where local art meets everyday living. Whether it's creating a messy collage out of old magazines or drinking your morning coffee from a mug made by a local potter, engaging with your creative side and your creative community really can be easy, fun and joyful!!

And I'm here to help you get started.

A few fun facts

Bet you'd never guess...

  • Wine tastings and pairings is one of my favorite hobbies and expressions of creativity! Tasting party, anyone?

  • Halloween is my jam. My husband and I once won the Fort Worth Star Telegram's Creepiest Couple in the Metroplex contest.

  • I played soccer from age 20 to 45 and loved every minute of it (even the losses!)

This is me...
An experimental artist,
author, teacher and

city council woman.


Paint Brushes

I'm here to help people create without restraint, let go of beliefs around what creativity 'should' be, and embrace the art of curiosity. But perhaps more than anything, I believe that learning not to be afraid of failing at new things is an important part of the creative journey - something I practice in my own work and life! I call myself an experimental artist because I'm not afraid of trying a new medium and approaches to see what works and what I most enjoy.

I'm also a Graduate Gemologist and former jewelry designer, and published author. I've authored Bottle Art, a how-to book for recycling wine bottles and other forms of glass, and Stash and Smash Art Journal Ideas, which inspires you to use your stash of papers and mementos to create your own handmade journals. I've co-authored The Beauty of Zentangle (available in 3 languages), which helps people develop their creative confidence using the Zentangle art method, and Zentange 12.

When I'm not knee deep in an art project, you'll find me spending time with my family, teaching art to those with special needs, and serving my second term as a Hurst City Council woman!